New line in document user text?

Is there a way of inserting a newline into document user text fields? I’ve been filling out our title blocks using the document user text, but I have an area name that’s too long for our title block column width.

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Can you please post a SMALL EXAMPLE FILE that shows the problem you’re seeing?
Maybe a screenshot would help too.


I definitely can!

Please see the attached.

Bare title block before I fill out all the details. “Page Title” and “0.01” aren’t generated by Document User Text; page title is just a text field, and the sheet number is taken directly from the layout tab it’s on.

Document user text, before filling it out.

Document user text, after filling it out.

The result:

Here, I’ve made the Area/Item name text too long to fit. “Super big amazing project” doesn’t fit.

Here is how I want it to look. I’d like “Super Big Amazing /n Project”

DocUserText - Test.3dm (2.4 MB)

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Alternatively, instead of adding a newline (because it could cause issues elsewhere, where I’m using that document user text), can it be told to wrap?

I think this will have to be done after the fact in the Block Editor.
Double click to get into the BlockEditor.
Then select the Text and drag it’s tail point in so the text will wrap.



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Eh, that’s not awful. At least it’s only once!

Thanks @John_Brock!

Hi - we have a wish-list item for being able to pre-define the width of the text box for dynamic text. I’ve added this thread as an extra vote for that feature - RH-49909.


Thanks @wim! That’d be a fantastic feature to have. I’m consistently happy with, and incredibly thankful for the work you folks do.