Document User Text Issue

Hello Forum, I have been trying to use the Document User Text with fields for area calculation. I create a line, Area 1, get the area, great I get a result, then I want to add a second are field from a different boundary, Area 2. But the items are just disappearing from the panel ? Are there any recent tutorials or documentation on using the document text fields etc ? tia

Something looks buggy there to me… still poking.
@milezee - it looks like, no matter what you put in for the name initially, the key ends up being ‘Area’. For now, rename the first one when done to something that is not just ‘Area’ and then add the next one and rename it as well.
RH-74793 Document User text: keep the key name in fX


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@pascal thanks for digging into this, yep seems buggy to me, or not working as intended, be nice to see it get some attention and be a useful tool :+1:t4: