\n newline doesn't work in document text attributes when in a block

So I have a block with an embedded multi line bit of text, which needs to change from time to time.

When creating the block, I put some temporary text in with carriage returns manually, looked fine.

I then copied the same text to a document text key value pair (with the multiline text in the value).

Then I went back to the text object in the block, and replaced the multi line text with the FX button and inserted the document text field.

This is fine so far, however when the block gets inserted, all the text runs in one long line.

So I figured ok, manually enter the newline character “\n” where I needed the carriage returns.

Doesn’t work, just displays as “line one text \n line two text \n line three text” in one long line.

Is this a bug or am I not doing this correctly?

The odd thing is it seems to work for a standalone text object on the layout, but when that text.object is included in a block (in this case, literally a title block) I get the one line of text vs the original multi line formatting.

Thanks in advance…


Have you tried a windows newline \r\n ? Your message tag says mac so I guess that shouldn’t work…



Tried that, and didn’t work.

Also found that some of the Document User Text Key Value Pairs I’d previously created disappeared when adding some others later. Something definitely amiss here…