Rendering Denoiser?

I came across a discussion thread from July 2020, concerning downloadable rendering denoisers. I’m wondering if this is still relevant information. I just downloaded v7 (SR13) last week. Would the denoisers already be installed with my version of Rhino? If not, which version of the denoiser would be right for my system, which has a Nvidia Quadro K620 2GB (purchase date late 2015) video card?

And, from what I understand, Flamingo is no longer necessary, is that right?


You can install via the Package Manager in the command line. I’m not familiar with the denoiser video card requirements in the mac version, the Nvidia requires RTX, you might have to use the AMD or INTEL on the card mentioned above.

If you are on a Mac you will use the Intel denoiser as it is CPU based.

If you are on Windows then the K620 might work with the Nvidia denoiser, but it isn’t particularly strong for rendering. But also on Windows the Intel denoiser is a good choice as it will work on the CPU easily.

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