New feature idea for Ground Plane

I use GroundPlane quite often but when I need a hole (opening) then I am forced to use a massive 3d face.
Would it be possible to extend ground plane with ability to have some exclusion areas that could be defined by outline and controlled via panel?

An idea for a workaround - for rendering and rendered view you could try to use a mapped transparency.

Hi Micha.
I am using it only in rendered view so your tip is great. Can you elighten me how to do it?

I checked the idea and it doesn’t work like expected. The green ground plane got a transparent area but the geometry behind is clipped. Maybe @nathanletwory has an idea, he knows all the details about Rhino and the render pipeline.

Care to share the file for this?

Good luck.

GP-test.3dm (67.8 KB)

Ah, this is Rendered mode I guess?

Raytraced could work if GP did use the map better.

@Piotr, the ground plane is just a huge plane geometry. IMHO it is better to add your own, since you’ll have much better control?

Large plane is no brainer, but it’s still there when you change the display pipeline, and it makes zoom extend (one of my favourite tools) useless.

if you lock the object it will exclude from zoom extend. and if you use a SetObjectDisplayMode on the object you can leave it always in wire in other viewports. then duplicate/change a view setting and use this as needed.

but if one could define an object which is allowed to punch through the ground floor, i think that would be cool.

Yeah, it is a solution but it seems like a long shot from my idea :slight_smile:

FWIW I dislike the entire ground plane feature in Rhino (: