Ground plane

Hey all,

Is there anyway to get a ground plane in Rhino? What I am trying to do is render some models with a ground plane for them to cast a shadow on. My current solution is to make a very large surface, but that seems to cause rhino to display back edges of my geometry. And the model likes to zoom all the way out when I change camera view.


Lawrence Yun

Hi Lawrence- you can turn on the control for that from the Panels menu.



Let’s say I want the ground plane and my white background to blend seamlessly together (so that there is no hard line at the horizon), how do I do that? Is there a setting for that or is it a material thing?

It’s usually a material and texture mapping method that I’ll use for this but I wouldn’t do it with the infinite ground plane since you can’t get a clean planar map repeated once on it. The texture map to create the fade is a blurred white dot on a black background. Use this texture in the transparency channel for the plane’s material. I’m not sure what render plugin you’re using so you might have other options too. Let me know and post a file (with any textures please) and I can help more if you need it.

I think this would be most easily achieved with a cyclorama type piece of geometry.

V6 wil have a ‘Shadows Only’ setting for the GP.


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