New Coils and Renderings

Way more than you want to see but I had such a good times doing these, I had to put them up. Modo>Fusion>Rhino>Arion.


Super cool PaulS !!!

I’m assuming you used Modo for creation of the S ? Was the rest Rhino, or was most of your model done in Modo?

Thanks! The S only was created in Modo using it’s great set of SubD tools. Trying to get a front faced bevel out of Rhino would be very, very time consuming. Then to Fusion for nurbs and iges conversion. All of the slicing and dicing and added details were done in Rhino and then exported to Arion Stand-alone for rendering. I’m just such a fan of Arion and it’s GPU implementation it’s hard to spend much time elsewhere.

Paul you are the best at this kind of stuff! Could you try rendering that in Octane just for comparison?

Thanks! I’m not sure it would be a fair comparison as I am so much more familiar with Arion than Octane. But, work is slow right now so have some time. It might be a good excuse to fire up Octane again and learn a little more of it.

Something glare is burrs

In case anyone is interested here is the Modo box model and the nurbs conversion in Fusion. The nurbs conversion is so clean.

And how long did it take to create S in SubD (approximately)?

Probably 30-45 minutes.

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Good. If you can, attach the file from S to the NURBS, for my test.

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