New "Area" component introduced in Rhino 7 SR 36 or 37

We noticed that a new version of the Area component was introduced in either SR 36 or SR 37 of Rhino 7 (the old one was obsoleted).

The service release notes mentioned bug fixes only.

Can we get a more detailed overview of changes (mainly in terms of Grasshopper components) between service releases in the future? I am asking because we need to decide whether and when to deploy service releases on ShapeDiver to avoid incompatibilities.

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Various decompiler allow you to export the decompilation result as complete VS solution with all de-compiled source files. You could then use a diff tool of your choice to see the changes in the source code. Might be easier and more reliable than reading release notes.

Good question @snabela. Basically, the old component was made obsolete, but if older definitions contain that specific component, it should work the same as before. There is a “newer” version of the Area component. This was originally added to Rhino 8 and then we had some users who were frustrated that there definitions created in Rhino 8 were not backwards compatible with Rhino 7. So, this latest service release simply backported the Rhino 8 version of the Area/Volume components so that definitions created in Rhino 8 which used either the Area/Volume component would open and work as expected in Rhino 7. The primary difference between the “old” and “newer” versions is that the newer one has some additional outputs (that can be exposed if zoomed in and the “plus” icon is clicked) that provide additional information.

There is an “Upgrade Components” feature which becomes available under the “Solution” menu if your definition contains the “older” area/volume components. In this instance, it will upgrade all instances in your definition with the newer version and replace all wire connections.

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