Grasshopper Network Surface issue

I’m new to grasshopper. This problem might be very simple for someone. I want to create a half sphere like surface based on the curve(polylines) that I created. I tried to use the network surface from grasshopper but it doesn’t work. Thank you for reading this anyway.

network surface.3dm (85.1 KB)
Network (8.6 KB)

If your horizontal curves are closed I highly doubt you’ll be able to do that.

You have a discontinuity:

Network (51.1 KB)

After fixing that curve, simple ordering of the curves produces the surface.

OMG, thank you for your reply. How can I miss that connection… But still, it doesn’t work after I joined the one you find and checked other connection is joined.

Sssssssorry, my bad, I used my original grasshopper file to make the surface and it didn’t work. After I replied your commnets, I found the attachment that you provided, so I downloaded it and it works!!! Did you change any setting about the components in grasshopper? The two files look same but mine doesn’t work. Thank you for your helping!!!

All I did was to pick the curves in order.

I guess that’s the part to be the solution. I need to pay more attention to it when I use grasshopper later. Thank you for all your help and explains. :handshake:

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If you don’t want to worry about selection order or sorting U direction vs V direction try out Pufferfish’s Auto Network Surface component. Here I just jitter the curves to make them out of order. (51.8 KB)

Thank you for telling the plugin! It works great!