Network Surface not working at all

Hello everyone,

I’m actually working on a project where I need to make the model of a very accurate terrain. I have horizontal and vertical profiles of the terrain every 1 m. From these curves, I’d like to generate a surface (not mesh) using the Network Surface command. But everytime I use this command, Rhino tells me “unable to sort curves”. I’ve tried on Grasshopper too but the result is always “null”.
I’ve checked solutions from other similar topics to see if the curves are self intersecting, closed, overlapping, but it’s not the case. So I am kinda lost here.

Is it possible for someone to give me more information or any solution about this problem please ? It would be very helpful.

Thank you in advance.

Here’s the file. Networksurface Topo.3dm (11.7 MB)

Not sure if this would help but, Gediminas Kirdeikis and Subd and Grasshopper on YouTube has a nice learning video on creating a ground scape . Might be just what your looking for. Good luck—-Mark

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Hi @camille.schmerber

There are 852 crossing polyLines in your file.
The problem I see is that some of them are ‘jaggy’ at some locations.

This may be one reason why the approximation fails using NetworkSrf with the default settings.

Rodolfo Santos.

Hi everyone,

Thanks a lot for your time and your help. I found out that my curves weren’t exactly following the " all curves in one direction must cross all curves in the other direction and cannot cross each other " rule. So I made sure my curves respected this rule. The commande seemed to work after eventhought it took a very long time to execute. But it seems that Rodolfo Santos was right. The jaggy aspect of my curves are the problem here and the surface generated isn’t as fluid as I was excpecting.

Anyway. Thanks again for your help.

Have a nice day.

Hello Mark.

I’ll look into your solution as my generated network Surface doesn’t look like what I expected.