Network Surface with 3 Curves

No real solutions here

I created a simple example I would like to use network surface and not EDGE SURFACE to avoid cutting up two of the curves in complex ways and to select tangency on one of the edges with the adjacent surface.

This works:


But module is not happy : (

NetSrf3crv (8.2 KB)

Actually, it works because the point is getting converted into a null in the component (hover over the V input and you will see it says curve and null). The error is just telling you the point could not be made into a curve. If you don’t want to see the error just insert a null instead of the point.

Thank you. I dont see a NULL primitive. Is there a module that outputs a NULL ?
Or perhaps you could upload that componant you built )

If you don’t want to use a scripting component, you can use Expression designer with just typing “x” or nothing.

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Thank you… a lesser module complaint at least )

This is more my situation:


NetSrf3crv (8.3 KB)

With a null input, I am guessing the fourth line is extroplated… in this case incorrectly

Just type A=null; in c# component.

A = NULL sounds simple enough… its the C# interface thats got to be navigated

  1. If you have not done so already, launch Visual Studio

and theres the pre-requisite, a monster compiler with many versions, dependencies, idiosycrasies, run time dependencies, version incompatibilities, not to mention a gig of installer and a few days of headaches. Unless I have a very good reason, I try to avoid this heavyweight compiler.

Uhmmm. There is a c# component. You don’t need visual studio. You double click it, type A=null; and you are good to go.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh ok. in the Maths tab. Got it. Thank you.