Issues with NetworkSrf Component - null output

Hello everyone,
I need some help with the following:

Here is a script with 2 curves in the U direction, and 14 shorter curves in the V direction.
I’m having an issue with GH’s NetworkSrf Component. It gives me a null output.

I think the problem is with my V input, but I’m not sure how to fix it. It works if I input only 3 curves, but doesn’t give me the surface I want. I want a surface that follows all 14 curves.
Also, Rhino’s NetworkSrf component works exactly the way I need, but I need the surface to be parametric since I will be adjusting it in the future.

I saw others on this forum having similar issues with GH NetworkSrf component. Some solutions included using the entwine component, merge component, and flattening the curve inputs, but those don’t work for me.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

network surf (47.6 KB)

network surf (37.1 KB)

Thank you!!!