Network Surface Issues - New User

I’m new to using Rhino 7 and trying to learn the software and commands. My first project is a shoe last, going quite smoothly. When I try and use Network Surface I keep getting an error - (Sorting problem) For the life of me I can’t find where my issue lies. If someone could show/explain to me where I’m going wrong that would be great. I’m sure this will not be my only issue but I’m looking forward to figuring these issues and program out. Thanks in advance!!

So sick to see my skills improving! :grinning:

Shoe last 3D.3dm (1.9 MB)

Dear @Sebastian-1 - welcome to the forum - would be nice to write to a real world name…
the cyan curve is open - while the correspoinding red curves (red) are all closed.

there are different approaches to close the curve.
in your case:
_makePeriodic gives a good result
in other cases
_match the both curve ends might work nicer

check the properties to see the object type “open curve” → “closed curve”

use the
command to see, where the curve is open


And if you close the open curve which Tom identified NetworkSrf will work.

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Hey @Tom_P
Thanks for your help, solved my problem. Is there a command/way to see this issue next time by myself or will this just improve with more Hours/experience?

Experience. NetworkSrf requires all curves in each direction to be with open or closed. When NetworkSrf says the curves cannot be sorted but the curves are laid out so that all curves in one direction cross all curves in the other direction and do not cross each other, and there are closed curves then look for one or more apparently closed curves to be open. SelOpenCrv and SelClosedCrv will display closed and open curves respectively.

When you identify a curve which is open but should be closed you can use ShowEnds to show where the ends of the individual curve segments are. Then zoom in on those locations to find where the ends of the segments do not actually coincide. To close the gap turn on control points for the curve, and drag one end control point to the other end control point The End Osnap makes this much easier.

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