Network surface fail on closed and open curve?

The circle at the top is closed curve, and there are 4 curves that are open (the bottom are not joined!)

When using the Networksrf, I deselect the circle in the middle
I swear I managed to do it last night, but it fails me today

What could go wrong?

signet ring practice 2.3dm (29.7 KB)


The control points of the open curves should be aligned at the bottom. Turn on the ctrl pts and use SetPt to align the ends, NetworkSrf will then work.

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somebody once told me that this is not really important that they have to be aligned, you can see how crapped up the curves are, i put them even further away. i think the magic lies in choosing the correct order manually. i started with the circle on top then clockwise the boundary curves. obviously that does not make the resulting surface more beautiful…

Thanks for the tips! I figured out last night that the problem is the bottom curves not touching. But I used mouse to align it instead of commands, gonna try!

I think the curves got screwed up when I mirror / rotate stuffs