Surface using Curved Network.(Mac - Can't get it to close the ends)

Hi All,

I’m still in learning phase of Rhino so bear with me~

I’m trying to create an organic shape using the Surface using Curved Network (NetworkSrf command).

Took a screen shot of what I did.

SO the yellow selected curves are open curves going beyond each other.
Also in vertical Z direction I made four closed elipses by (Csec command)
->using those curves, tried to do a closed network surface, but the top and the bottom remains open. The screen shot shows the result.
I can Cap ends, and add fillets and then blend curves later but it’s not exactly what I want to do.

Any one faced similar issues?? any options that I need to check?
->Also checked out .pdf helf file and the on-line help, but it doesn’t mention about
the network surface creation… (please tell me this is available in mac!!!)



This should work as you’ve described and does here… see my file for comparison and post yours please if you still need any help.
NetworkSrf.3dm (316.7 KB)

Hi Brian,

And THANK YOU for the data!
Was studying it and I hadn’t matched the ends of the open polyline meet when I was
making the curves in the first place.

->I read somewhere or saw a video(lydia) and in that example the ends where overlapping
each other but Rhino seem to understand that…
-> I also made at least two of the control point in each end of polyline to be on the same line as to make the point at which two polyline in one plane meet in tangent.(maybe it seemed like a tangent but not…)

Using your example, I moved the end point little away from all the other polyline endpoint.
->so this is what I did when making the polyline. and the result was uncapped top.

Was able to solve the problem by making every point meet for the open polyline.
Thank you!

Spent ages looking for tips. Should have consulted here first!


You’re welcome. I personally always have the end points meet at the poles if you think of the surface as a deformed sphere. I bet the tutorial you saw showed perpendicular curves not touching exactly which can still work. Click “History” before making the NetworkSrf and then edit the curves to see when it fails. Moving the Csec curves around will be fine but editing the control points on the ends of the vertical curves can result in the partial surface.

Thanks again!
I’ll be sure to check the history button.