Network Surface Error Shoe Last

Hey Yall, I’m quite new to Rhino7, and I am following classes online on how to create shoes. When trying to run NetworkSrf I seem to keep getting an error (unable to sort curves) Apon selecting the curves by hand the error continues. Any tips or recommendations on where I am going wrong and how I might be able to solve this. Really appreciate your time.
Best, Seb`

Upper Class 3.3dm (1.2 MB)

This is done with Auto Sort. I hid the red curves.

Upper Class 3.3dm (1.9 MB)

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When using Networksrf and Auto Sort I still seem to be getting the error :woozy_face:

Did you hide the red curves?

Yeah I dont see them

The problematic red curves I’m referring to are coincident curves with the top and bottom rand.

How many curves does _SelAll get?

You should have 11 curves, out of which 4 are sections and 7 are closed loops.

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Found the extra 2 curves and deleted them!
Got 13 curves when I searched _SelAll - Must have missed a step in removing/hiding them. Appreciate the help!

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Glad we were able to find the problem.

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