Why won't this NetworkSrf work

Cortez Danielle Ring.3dm (548.6 KB)
The top curve was created by duplicating the outside surface edge of the bezel, joining and then moving into the desired position lower on the bezel.
Would this be better if I had created the bezel originally from a rebuilt, 3 degree curve?
Any help appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

OK, I answered my own question. I rebuilt the original curves used to create the bezel and it worked. The NetworkSrf command seems to need curves that are continuous, and not joined curves.

I’d still be interested in any comments…
And again, thanks in advance for your time.

Just tried to open you file in Rhino 5 no luck you must be using 6.

Yes, it is a V6 file. Thanks for trying!

save it out as a V5 file too, you may get more peeps to take a look :slight_smile:

Thanks for mentioning that and I’ll do it next time! But in this case, since I solved my problem by rebuilding some of the basic curves I just moved on and can’t share the stuck version without recreating an issue about 40 minutes into the two hour process. I didn’t save the stuck version prior to moving on…
But again, thanks for the suggestion of saving as a version 5, I’m sure you’re right that I could have gotten more feedback.

Hi Gary - the top curve is not closed - use ShowEnds to see the opening and zoom in close - a parallel projection makes this easier:


One of the characteristics of NetworkSrf is that it does not care much about the curve structure like some surfacing tools - it refits all the inputs behind the scenes to make the surface. So joined curves should be just fine. That said, the cleaner, smoother, and better input you give it, the better the results…


Pascal, a thousand thanks! I will now know to use show ends when something like this comes up again. I’m not sure why the ends were not connected, given the way I created the curve, but I can see that it wasn’t. And curiously, when I rebuilt the original curve, it rebuilt as a closed curve and I was able to move forward with the rebuilt curve. Can you tell my why it rebuilt as closed?
Thanks for your time on this!

Hi Gary - the edges that I think you got the curves from have small segments near that location - in fact the object itself has a couple of very skinny surfaces there that you can see in wireframe view


My guess is you just missed one of those when duplicating the edges. I’d really fix the polysurface here to get rid of those - they are only .004 wide and the file tolerance is .001, so it’s not an ideal situation even before you get to making the new network surface.

(btw, SelOpenCrv, SelClosedCrv are handy)


OK, that makes sense. You are very helpful, Pascal, your depth and breadth of knowledge are invaluable here.

Thank you!!


Gary Dawson


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