Simple shape sees network surface go wild


I have been trying to surface this remaining panel, it would not surface into the lower left corner,
put a line across, solved part of it.
still cannot surface whats left.

see attached.
surface network of curves fail.3dm (111.1 KB)


Well 5 sided surfaces don’t really work… which is exactly what you really have. You need to extend C and D out to form a rectangular 4 sided surface, and then trim it with the curved portion between C and D.

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Hello - please see Help on NetworkSrf and while you are at it, on PlanarSrf.


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Oh yeah for sure… if it’s planar then you’re using the wrong command all together. well ‘wrong’ is a bad term, lets say inefficient.

The surface isnt intended to be planar, so would extending C and D work as they wont meet up.
What command would best suit this if Network Srf isnt best suited. ?
It was originally this shape
see attached and I couldnt get the lower left corner 'L ’ at A, to fill in, with sweep2, or other methods, divided it up and partial success with networkSrf ! so what was best solution there ?
I was left with my current issue, the other part filled ok with network srf so thought this would as well.

I also cant fathom out why the simple sweep2 parallel rails sees an isocurve S in it.
I might be able to do a sweep2 but cannot split the large arc curve yet the line at the base of the blue looks to intersect, I have oomed in massively, sure as hell appears to intersect,yet intersect says 0. I cant drop a curve down from that intersect also as I dont know what its shape should be, its not dead straight thats for sure.

previous shape.3dm (161.7 KB)

Even if they do not intersect its possible for rhino to build it, but because they don’t intersect it will deviate at some point to force it to (You could also control it by manually making them intersect…). In doing so you need to make sure it follows the curve positions to at least the point where the curved sections intersects. It is also going to be very difficult to ensure the current curved portion of D lays exactly on the surface you create.

Sorry my work computer doesn’t allow me to download that and open. maybe screenshots?

Sometimes it is best to divide up a 5 sided surface into two four sided sufaces, dividing B somehwere.

Hopefully someone will chime in with a brilliant solution, as i work around this daily.

You could also always try the patch command and see if it yields something of use.

patch command on previous shape does the job, I cant divide the arc as there is no intersect as mentioned, puzzling as that is.

previous shape patch.3dm (193.5 KB)
earlier before the large arc was added I tried patch for the entire area and it failed.
just tried for the entire area again to show the fail AND ITS WORKED, I dont believe it, all that extra work after patch failed, and now it works, does the order of curve selection make a difference ?


you are working too close to the file tolerance , that will lead to joining issues but besides that. I would make the surfaces this way:

see my post update that sent as you had just posted this.
patch , I love patch when it works !
what settings do I alter to give me a margin to file tolerance ?
I wasnt sure if sweep was ok to a point,.