Network Arch Hanger intersections

Hi all,
I am new to grasshopper but for my dissertation I am trying to create a parametric network arch in order to optimise the hanger arrangement. I have 2 queries:

  1. Karamba beam elements can only be created with lines, not curves, so to model the arch i have used shatter and formed a polyline between each of the hanger connections. This estimates the shape arch by using multiple straight elements which is fine when there are many of them. However as i plan to optimise the arch, when the number of hangers decreases, the shape of the arch becomes less accurate. Is there a more accurate way of modelling the curved arch with Karamba?

  2. I require the line-line intersection component in order for the hangers to join to the arch and deck. However this creates intersections between the hangers as well which I do not want. Is there a way of only getting the intersections with only the arch and deck. Maybe creating a loop so each hanger is ran through the line-line intersection component individually?

I have uploaded an image of the intersection problem i am experiencing with the hangers.

Many Thanks

Hi @mg922,

  1. After shattering the curve, you can rebuild the segments as polylines with specific control points so that you can get a closer polyline to the original curve.
  2. The easiest would be to use the same method to shatter the deck as you did with the arch, and therefore you have more control over the intersections and splits