Karamba3D arc truss made of bamboo

Hey, a newbie here.
I’m trying to simulate an arc truss made of bamboo, like this example by Chiangmai Life Construction in karamba.

First I followed the Simple Parametric Truss tutorial on the karamba page. Then I replaced the geometry with an arc truss (that worked out) but the chord was only represented by one beam. In reality the chord consists of multiple smaller bamboo beams joined together.

So I tryed to fit as many 4cm circles (thinking of it as small bamboo beams) in my 20cm chord circle (circle packing would be the better option but I couldn’t manage this), create the arcs and plugged them into the line to beam component as chord. This didn’t work out and the analyze component tell’s me to try eigen mode, but I can’t find any tutorial on how to use this.

I’d like to solve this but don’t know how and my uni tutor can’t help me.
Do you think it’s better to make my own cross section consisting of multiple hollow circles and let karamba think of it as one beam or is there a way to make my current approach work?
Also I’m still missing the exact material values for bamboo to plug them in, but I’m working on it.

Thanks in advance

Arc_Truss_Karamba_forum.gh (76.6 KB)

PS: Because “remove duplicate lines” component seems not to work on planar curves I shattered every line