Nested block object cannot be accessed (video)


I’m having this issue in a larger assembly that’s making it very hard for me to work on my project. I tried to reproduce it with very simple geometry and was successful:

You can see I created a three level block structure. I’m wanting to edit the red square. It seems only possible in one of the parent blocks (here the top most).

Why is it not possible to select the second or third circle, and edit the red square block here? Moreover, why will it show the element from the first instance of the red square, even if another parent instance is selected?? I’m very confused.

My Rhino is Version 7 SR19
(7.19.22165.13001, 2022-06-14)

@eobet tagging you in hopes you might know a solution or workaround.

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Hi Duncan - this seems like a bug to me.

RH-72362 BlockEdit: selection

I can tell you the sad workaround I use these days…

  1. Double click the nested block to edit it
  2. Click on the next level nested block
  3. Copy it and stop editing the nested block
  4. Paste the next level nested block so it becomes top level
  5. Move it to the side
  6. Start over from the top of this list on the pasted block until you’ve drilled down to the one you’re looking for.

It’s mindnumbingly annoying, but it avoids most issues with nested blocks that I’ve encountered over the years (this and this especially, though you still have to be careful with show/hide while editing blocks). :see_no_evil:

Oh wow… that is clever and clean though!

Thank you :slight_smile: