Blockedit at double click on nested blockInstance

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I have a feature request: I’d like to be able to edit a nested block by double clicking the block instance, just as I can edit a block on the highest level by double click.

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I had the same issue today. I wanted to try to play nice with Rhino blocks for once, and instantly I was shot down (again). :man_facepalming:

Also, this thread is related, I believe:

How do you edit a block instance within a block instance within a block instance?

Hi @eobet ,

you can edit nested blocks by selecting the nested instance in the blockedit tree:

Ok, but when I do that, I get these Z-fighting issues, which makes me think that there’s two objects in the same location (which god know happens often with assemblies from Catia). Yet, when I delete the Z-fighting object and leave the block instance, that object AND the one it was seemingly Z-fighting with, disappears:

So again, for my purposes, it seems that editing block instances is sadly unusable in Rhino.