Nested block edit : alpha-numeric sorting

Please sort the block names alpha-numerically in the Blockedit window in the case of nested blocks.

Thank you

Hello - got that, thanks.


OK, this is ridiculous. It’s 9 months later…
How hard can it be ?

I mean, after years of complaining, I was able to get you guys to sort the Block manager (imagine that !), so what could hold you from doing the same in the Blockedit with nested blocks ?

Here’s from the latest V7 WIP :


I mean, keeping everything in the same order every time you open a nested block would be step 1, imo. :wink:

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Frankly Pascal, between you and me, this is becoming completely ridiculous.
Some fellow in Seattle could put his doughnut down 2 minutes and insert a “sort” command somewhere in the code and get this done.

It’s not even a low hanging fruit ; I’d say it will fall by itself in the basket provided you just stand under the tree, and this will help a lot while editing large nested blocks.

It was done for the Block manager (thanks heaven) ; just do the same for the Blockedit !!!


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OK @pascal , @bobmcneel , I solemnly swear that I will never again post in the Rhino part of this forum if you guys just add an alphanumeric sorting function to the Blockedit dialog.
I’m dead serious about this. I’ve been wasting my time with you stubborn old folks for too long anyways.
I need to focus on Grasshopper, which is where it’s at now, and leave you guys with your mediocre “Rhino inside” strategy.
While you had everything to become a great CAD system, you never truly listened to the needs of your users, and kept your autistic belief that there was no need to catch up with basic stuff like proper blocks, sketch constraints and hidden line removal.

Fix this sorting issue, and I’m out of here. Has been fixed and will be in the next public Rhino 7.0 WIP.

Great! But… this won’t be the case for Rhino 6? :no_mouth:

Don’t tell me promising to go away is the way to get fixes, because I only just got here! :stuck_out_tongue:

While you’re looking at the sorting, any chance you might look into the outright disappearance of some nested blocks after editing too (posted in the link four messages above yours)?

Sincerely sorry if you had to neglect the kids for that.
Anyway, thanks John !
This proves that, with enough motivation, great things can be achieved !

Signing out, then.
I’ll be on the GH side of the forum ; it’s dead here anyway.

Wait! Come back! Your posts are the only antidotes to the sycophants!

I just tested this, and…WOW… just WOW ! You cracked alphanumeric sorting !

So now, I have to be true to my pledge, but before I leave, I’d like to say a word about the interface and in particular, the “Workspace editor” .
This big pile of convoluted, steaming hogshit was to be cleaned up “soon” by @JohnM , way back in 2015, said @bobmcneel.

Well, it is still the same complete trainwreck of an interface management system in the latest V7 WIP.
Very similar to the blocks management, by the way, in the failure to manage hierarchy (blocks, sub-blocks / Toobars , Groups).

Good luck with the continued contempt of user requests.