Nested block editing without using the block edit list?

For editing nested blocks, it would be great to be able to select a nested block from the model view, and be able to edit the nested block directly - instead of having to find the name of the block by list in the block editor.

Does anyone know an easier way to do this?


Hi Scorr88- there is currently no way that I can think of no.


it’d be great for V6

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Some missed here the last days.

I was working on a large train interior and missed to select the nested block instance in the forground of the current view. Per list selection Rhino allowed me to edit a nested block somewhere in the scene and so it cost extra time to jump to this place.

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Sorry to dig this out, but I am facing exactly this question right now.

Today in 2018 and V6, is there any new option to directly pick a nested Block without using the list?
Just like using “_BlockEdit” inside a block?

Looks like it didn’t change so far, but I still have hope to find an easy solution.


Hi! Just digging this up again, not sure if its possible to get something like this for V7. It would be very helpful on some models where the list of nested blocks is far too long. It takes quite a while to dig through and find the one you want to edit… any way the block edit command could work on a nested instance while editing a block?



Hi! I just want to agree with everyone on this old thread that this would be an incredibly helpful feature in future versions of Rhino! I model big sets and the nesting can get pretty deep so it becomes very time-consuming to scroll through the long block list to find the specific block I need to edit. The order of nested blocks seems to change every time I open a block too, which makes it even harder to scroll through the list. I would love to request the ability to use the BlockEdit command on nested blocks, and/or have a search option within the Block Edit list. Would also love a search option in the Insert command and BlockManager. Hope someone reads this! Thanks! :slight_smile:


Wow, this thread is from 2013? How many threads do we have about this now? Several dozen? Seriously McNeel… I’m beginning to think that the company is sadly quite dysfunctional behind the scenes…

Not only is not being to dig/drill down nested blocks via the same double click interaction a UI consistency break, but the block edit list is bugged anyway and it’s not even sorted properly (plus the sorting is also bugged).


Hi Everyone. We are now in Version 7 and to my knowledge, it doesn’t appear any easier to edit nested blocks than it did long time ago. Hope to see this functionality in Rhino 8 WIP (if it isn’t already present). Thanks!


Would be great to have this feature. As everyone on this thread has already stated, trying to find the nested block in the block manager is challenging. Please make this happen for everyone, but especially for scorr88 who has been waiting close to a decade for this. Thank you


+1 .

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+1 to this.

Weirdly, navigating nested objects is one of the very few things SketchUp handles better than Rhino at this point… I know, I know but seriously if BlockManager could work half as well as Sketchup’s Outliner tool it’d be a big step up. At minimum we need the ability to easily initiate nested block editing level by level.