Block Organization Wishlist

Hello! I absolutely love Rhino and use it for work everyday, but the block organization issues have been bugging me for years! I know others have been making great suggestions about this for forever, but it’s a function that has pretty much stayed the same in every version I’ve used, so I just wanted to post my personal wishlist:

  1. Ability to use BlockEdit on nested blocks while editing a top level block by either double clicking the nested block, instead of having to scroll through a long list of nested block definition names in the Block Edit box to open it. Here’s a thread from 2013(!) asking for the exact same thing: Nested block editing without using the block edit list?
  2. A search function within the Block Manager, Block Edit, and Insert dialogue boxes, to again avoid having to scroll through a long list searching for specific blocks. It would also be helpful to be able to sort blocks by other attributes besides the name (by layer, for example), and/or be able to create custom categories to assign the blocks

I hope these features could be part of a future update. If anyone has figured out any workarounds, please let me know! My current practice is just to create annoyingly complicated naming systems for each model so the alphanumeric lists are somewhat grouped.

Thanks so much for hearing me out!

Hi Lia - thanks - I think blocks are due to get some attention in V8 - I’ve added your comments here

RH-60892 Editing nested blocks should be easier in BlockEdit

and here

RH-66112 BlockManager : Search


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Amazing! Thank you so much @pascal! Really appreciate how responsive you are!

Pascal: Yes! Developers: Not so much. Seems especially so for the user’s own requests. :slightly_smiling_face: