Rhino 8 Block Definitions Panel - Sorting Blocks

It looks like there is no possible way of sorting blocks alphabetically. They are always sorted by creation date, but it doesn’t feel good when managing my definitions. Especially when duplicating an existing block.

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Hi tay,

I have added your feedback here: RH-77899.



… looking forward to having this implemented.


Hi @lars ,

Do you know if this feature has any chance of being implemented soon ? With the search fields broken, it really makes the block manager panel difficult to use.

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i dont understand that such a trivial thing as sorting list has not been implemented right away. there are things which can be omitted but list sorting?

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@flixchameroy Yes, that is next on my list.
" With the search fields broken," - Could you explain more please.


I’d like to add: my impression is that each and every new panel is hard coded bottom up. Therefore, all the functionality (like column sorting, searching…) has to be rewritten again and again. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Would it not be possible to write some sort of generic ‘container’ panel for lists of all kinds? It would already feature all these usual convenience tools.

Softimage XSI had this back in the days. A general purpose ‘explorer’ panel that could list everything. Objects, layers, lights, blocks (called scenes there), anything, by pressing a filter key.


@lars , on my side (macOS Intel), I can’t really use the search field because it looses focus after each key press. See here :

Tested on Rhino 8, 8.5.24012.18001, I confirm it is fixed and runs well on Windows.
Thank you @lars and @mary


Rhino 8, 8.5.24012.18001? DOWNLOAD?

No. The current public service release candidate is 8.4.

@lars @wim @pascal @Trav @AndyPayne
This may clash with the initial thread suggestions but I think there is an opportunity to do something very powerful here.
I suggest we consider a similar approach Sketchup’s outliner tab.


This would fundamentally require 2 things:

  1. All block instances are shown
  2. Groups are shown in the same tree structure.

I believe another Rhino 8 issue is Named group management and this would solve it.

A way of hiding model blocks & groups via the tab, would also be very handy. As would be to re-arrange nested groups and blocks by dragging elements across the tree structure.

This may seem trivial but it’s a much more organic way of managing visible geometry than layers are.
Sketchup users that get accustomed to outliner barely ever touch the layers tab.

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Here’s another good example of the Outliner’s functionality.

Maybe this and the old block manager are two different things and can coexist. Being a tree structure this wouldn’t work very well with the alphabetical sorting thing.
My secondary wish would be to be able to double-click a group and edit it like a block


Confirmed today that the windows download is available and blocks can now be sorted alphabetically.

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