Need some help on evolutive space design (nursery/stigmery/cloths?)

Good morning from France, you people!
I need some help/advice on grasshopper… See, I know how to use grasshopper for some things but here… I’m approaching a technique which is completely beyond me.

I would like to know if it is possible to do something like this…

…and if it is possible, then… I beg you to explain / teach me!

Thanks a lot in advance

can’t see a GIF

Thank you for your answer, can you see it now, by clicking the link?

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This is interesting stuff.

Do you have scan data available?

Have you seen this page:

PS: maybe rename your topic title to something like ‘Need some help on tractography’ ? Grasshopper in the title is kind of useless. It’s a tag on your topic so that’s all you need

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Oh my god thank you for the page reference!!

I unfortunately do not have any scan data available for now…
The idea is to make an evolutive architectural space like in the gif. Kind of a parametric architecture somehow? But I have absolutely no idea which thread to pull to get to that…

PS: thanks for the advice

I thought maybe I could create a random algorithm in order to have this (the gif) kind of movement, and then maybe entering datas from real scans you know

Maybe using this?

I’ve been playing around with MRI data of my own brain years ago but I don’t remember how unfortunately.

To me, the video shows a lot of strands or curves. In your GIF, points move along the curves.

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For any other users, Stigmery is close to what I would like to know how to do on grasshopper

Would it be the right way to approach this?

First Try on Vector Fields Without (21.7 KB)