Generative Floor plan


I’m currently working on a project for generative floor plan with certain criterias taken in account. Basically to generate a series of plan while inputting certain restriction regarding the room arrangements and so on.
I’m just starting it. I do know about Finch 3d, and I did see the videos of this guy . And I do know that the grasshopper plugin is supposed to come up in early 2020.

I wonder whether there is an existing definition or a tutorial or a sort of “how to” video? I unfortunately am too limited in terms of time to wait to see the finch plugin , and also not sure it would help me with my project.

Thank you for every piece of information.

Thats a pretty broad scope, perhaps a more well defined problem would be a better place to start. Have you looked into something like Wallecei?

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No, haven’t looked into that one. I’ll do so right away
I’m looking for something that might even generate a particular position of the furniture as well as the generation of the rooms. So in sorts, it does look a bit like the finch3d’s algorithm. But I have a set of rule I’d like to try adding to it.

Check this out - not exactly same scale , but could be interesting for you :slight_smile: