Creating box minimal surfaces

Hi everyone…
I’m working on my master thesis in architecture and try to solve complex spatial sequences in minimal surfaces like this images-
Does anyone know how should I make this kind of models or send me the script/tutorials?
“These samples are owned by JIA CHEN”

Here are example images

These look like bits of gyroids jumbled together for reasons unknown.
Just put ‘gyroid’ in the search term in this forum to find things I would say.

You could look at that

Thanks indeed for your response
yes you’re right,I checked them but got no precise result;Actually this is a developed prototype of ‘Gyroid’ but in this structure,it seems that the designer deliberately turn and change the scale of the surfaces in order to become asymmetrical and physically unique for programming the architectural function spaces.
Unfortunately there’s no access to JIA CHEN(no contact was found in web) and I have no extra time to investigate all details as this is just a tiny part of my final dissertation.
Isn’t there any other way [johnharding] to make the model in Rhino instead of Grasshopper manually or something like this…?

Moreover here is his full thesis file for looking at details and theories behind the deformation of the basic model…
Chen_Jia_The_Minimal_Surface_Problem_thesis.pdf (10.7 MB)

Oh thanks a lot [Laurent Delrieu]
But I’ve got no more through cause I’m looking for the process of minimal surface models aggregation, besides their reasons too.

please check out the file attached above-that’s the whole document we have
Obviously your help will be welcomed for me…