Need some design advice from the pros on creating this model

I’m trying to create this model of a fresh water eel fishing lure, and it has some round shaped ribs on the side and bottom, but not on the top. ( see pictures )

I tried using the helix to create them, and it’s fairly close, but just wondering if there are any other approaches I should try.

I am attaching my example drawing as well.



Example - EEL Drawing.3dm (776.1 KB)

draw the spine shape in side view, then the rib shapes from top view, then connect the shapes where the valleys of the shapes would intersect. Once you get it all surfaced out, trim gaps where your transitions would be, and fill them with blendsrf.

lure.3dm (3.5 MB)

Did you see this topic:

Thank You very much for your help on this… I haven’t worked with spine shapes a whole lot, so this will be an excuse to broaden my horizons and learn how to use it along with the blendsrf command. Thanks again !

Thank You Martin… I just checked it and this will actually help me on another project I’m working on that is very similar.

Thanks again…


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Could I talk you into saving this example in version 7

I tried to open it and it was looking for version 8 ( just out of curiosity, is version 8 the work in progress version? )

Thanks again,


lurev7.3dm (330.3 KB)
here you go

Yes :slight_smile: Available to all licensed V7 users and free to test out up until the first commercial release of V8. As always, WIP/Beta versions tend have bugs, but lets users play with new features, provide feedback on changes etc.
HTH, Jakob