Need some advice on what drawing strategy or command to use for drawing this object

I’m trying to create a 3d model similar to the object in the photo…
and I’m struggling to figure out what command or technique would be best.

I’ve tried the Loft command… but that doesn’t seem to be working the best for this task.

In the photo example I don’t need help creating the tail section with the barbs, nor do I need help on the eye cutout, or the gill cutout… I’m just looking for help on creating the main body which is actually similar to a the shape of an orange wedge.

Any help would be appreciated.



There is no single command for that. It will be a combination of things and can be done many ways. I would start by drawing the main curves that define the object and work through a series of lofts, network surfaces, patches, sweeps etc. general nurbs modeling stuff. It would be helpful for you to just look at some general product modeling tutorials on YouTube to learn techniques. Also if you have access to Rhino 7 WIP, look into SubD modeling.

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