Need some BO-2/RH-5 Re-Installation help

Please forward this as appropriate to our folks over at BONGO ? - Thanks !

I need to run over to a client’s shop for some quick measurements and do some remote work-up of the design ,
on my Win-10 Touch-screen tablet with Mouse and keyboard.
I’ve installed RH-5 , VALIDATED the License and I RAN the “Update” .
All SET.
I tried installing BO-2 but I get the
“Needs RHINO-5 to Install” error message, and closes “Prematurely” .
(By the way, I ALSO use NEON - an OLD Render interface I’ve had HUGE success with -
remember we’re using RH-5 in my remote-work Tablet … -
but IT came back with the SAME error message . )

How do I get the ANIMATOR
installed ?

SAME for my NEON ?

I use BO-2 to for Animations I’m working on for the client, and HOPE to be able to do SOME touch-ups while in their Shop, to BOTH Illustrate the “Process” for them to see how I “do things” and to work with them to get their input while I’m working out the details of THEIR process I’m animating.

So- is there ANYONE who can offer a little guidance ?
Charles .

Please make sure you have the latest version of Rhino 5 installed:
Once the latest version of Rhino 5, the latest version of Bongo 2 should install:

If that doesn’t work, please provide the following info:

  1. What version of Rhino 5 do you have installed?
    Type in About on the command line and the Windows should contain a date and a version number.
  2. What operative system are you running on the machine?

Neon is not available anymore. We recommend using Rhino 7 and Raytraced viewport instead.