BONGO-2 with RH-6/WIP?

Is it possible to use my licensed BONGO-2 with RH-6 WIP ? Would I have to download something newer than what I have with my RH-5 ?



Not yet. All plug-ins will need to be modified and compiled against the V6 SDK.

Any time frame ? I guess my BO-1 won’t work either. Was looking forward to animating with the improved viewport appearances available in -6

Until the SDK is frozen, no work can begin on it.
Then it becomes an available resource/priority question.
Based on where we are in the V6 development, I would not look for a V6 compatible Bongo for about a year, and that’s just a seat-of-the-pants guess.

You’ll need to keep V5 around for Bongo and many other plug-ins for a while yet.

John -
Thanks ! Good to know.
I dealt with the self-shadowing issue we dealt with last time (unresolved unless handled in the latest - just downloaded WIP ) , by returning to a no-shadows approach, and since shadows don’t really help in about 40% of the applications, the results were pretty nice. Oh well. 'sall good.

I STILL prefer NEON, tho. Its faster than the new “Raytraced”, and the results are better.
SO- I drop back to -5 for BO-2 and -4 when I need a good point-to-point movement as in BO-1.
Ok, moving ahead,

Thanks again !