Latest Bongo 2: AVI export crashes Rhino 5

Dear @marika_almgren,

first I have to say that I am very glad that you are back to the Rhino family.

Today a customer installed the latest Bongo version for Rhino 6. Now he reports, that Bongo crashs in Rhino 5(!), when he wants to export AVI-videos from Bongo or also with the external AVI-Video-Converter.

Is there a solution for this AVI-problem?

Thank you and a sunny day



Thank you for reporting this problem.
We’ll look into it and get it fixed.

Noticed here too. I can’t record animations using Rhino Render in R5 after installing R6, only Viewport mode seems to work.

Bongo gets stuck on the Cancel dialog estimating render time, and if escaping the dialog with Cancel or Stop, the Render window pops up and disappears quickly again, and then no more bongo beats are heard.

// Rolf

Micha, We’ve fixed the AVI problem.

Rolf, I’m able to reproduce this and we’ll get it fixed.



Just checking - You had the Rhino Render problem in Rhino 5 right?
I’ve only been able to reproduce it in Rhino 6 so far…

Yes, problem in R5. I tried R6 on the same file, and R6 works.

// Rolf

Folks -

I’m about to start a series of product animations, and just need to check on a couple of things.

I’ve been using RH-6 with the hoped for success for about 1-1/2 months … and now I’ve downloaded and installed my Licensed BO-2 on top of my Licensed RH-6.

Haven’t checked yet, and haven’t started digging around, so my experience is though RH-5/BO-2.

I haven’t rendered a run straight to ANY end-format (eg: AVI) in YEARS. Instead I have rendered to FRAMES for a number of appropriate reasons, and use the RHINO COMPILER once I have a series of frames I’m HAPPY with. I realize we can still render to frames, but is there still a separate compiler with BO-2/RH-6 or do I use the one I have from BO-2/RH-5 ? RH-5 is a GOOD answer if it still works having now downloaded the updated BO-2, so either answer is good, it’ll just help knowing. I plan to dive in Monday, but don’t have “Digging-around” time between now and then, and its mid-evening here, so I’m dropping out to join my wife for dinner and won’t be back at it until Monday morning.

Thoughts on the BO-2/RH-6 external compiler question ?

Thanks and ALL the BEST to ALL here from Texas -


If you mean the Bongo Video Encoder then it’s still alive and kicking (Screenshot from R6)


// Rolf

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That’s EXACTLY what I was asking !!! Thanks !

ALL the BEST to you and yours, and have a good WEEKEND !

Thanks again -

Chuck in Texas.