Incremental pattern creation

Hi, Any thoughts for creating this pattern generator…
i know python a little…but i am still searching for a easy option… Are there any plugins to create this patterns…
Thanks in advance

this is not too difficult with

Hilbert (that are now on GH2 as legacy component)

Space filling

Thanks @laurent_delrieu
I figured it out… :grinning:

One thing that immediately springs to mind when I look at this, is something like a self-avoiding, random walk. I have an implementation, but it’s in C++ and not made for Rhino.
It’s as far as I know a sure way to get this amount of randomness and have it all being a single, continuous curve, as opposed to mazes, the Hilbert curve, or other line networks.

Thickening the resulting curve would be very easy in Rhino with Sweep, Pipe, Multipipe, etc.