Creating custom + random patterns for illustration

Hi all,

I’ve been struggling with an attempt to digitize/parametricise a hand drawing method of hatch illustration.
So there are two features of the above drawing I would like to replicate.
Feature 1: My feeble attempt began with a softened voronoi, subcurved, offset, and trimmed back with the voronoi.
Feature 2: This, as with the first feature requires a packed series of jittery nurb curves, which I cannot seem to wrap my head around, past my efforts with voronoi and circle packing/clustering.

Please help! I’m totally lost.



Here is a grasshopper definition that I wrote to generate a jittery Voronoi division. This is probably the solution for Feature 2. (16.8 KB)

Good luck,


@tolgakarasay thank you! i’ll use that and figure out the first solution!