Need "Real World Units" for Augmented Reality export

I am exporting some models as OBJ into and the FAQ for Augmented Reality says to export in metric “Real World Units” if I want my models to pop into AR at true scale.

I believe many users are using Blender… so perhaps that is a naming convention there??? Does anyone know what the Rhino analog would be?

If you don’t know P3D- it is really cool Here is my model: - Contender 39 bow Deckpads

If you view on your phone. The AR version is accessible through the description “info icon” or here is a direct link: - Contender front pad AR

Thank you!

Hi Chris -

The obj file format is unitless. You will need to make sure that 1 unit in Rhino is the same as what P3D expects it to be.

Which - if they take cues from Blender - would be meters :slight_smile:

You might need to use the custom scale option, so if you are modeling in meters in Rhino, you need to set the scale to 1 meter in P3D

Looks good. May I boldly ask what you used to scan the bow? It looks a bit like dot3D or a photogrammetry process.

Believe it or not- That bow was scanned with and Iphone 12 pro Max! It does a reasonable job. I’m quite happy with the results.

Thank you for your reply. I am importing with OBJ so it is true that the file is unitless. I model in mm and things come up in Aumented Reality close to scale… maybe -10% so it’s not that it is an order of magnitude off. The little scaler function you highlighted I think is a fine-tune adjustment and you can certainly scale with this. I just need to be true to size as a default for this to really be super functional.

My hunch is that it is just an imperfect handoff between Rhino-P3D-Iphone AR functionality.

IF you send a AR rug to someone to see if it fits there room and they can just scale it to fit… kinda relegates this from something really awesome to “neat trick”


Hi Chris -

If you have an OBJ file that you have created in Rhino and that, when imported back into Rhino isn’t the exact same scale as the original, we’d like to take a look…