Text box, numbering ojects


I have several ojects I would like to number from 1-86 (which in earlier script depends on the distance etween them). I tried to use the command text tab, but it was not exactly what I was looking for. I would like to be able to bake the text on the surfaces and chanfge its size. It is supposed to be engraved with laser cutting (on the surfaces).

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q_gh_07.gh (54.1 KB)

basically i would like to use a component like text oject in rhino, cant find any silimar components in grasshopper

Text Tag and Text Tag 3D allow you to display text in the viewports. Text tags bake as dots and 3d tags bake as text objects.

Thanks, the text tag 3d seems to work quite well. But what if i would like to change plane of the text? At the moment I can only see it in the top view (xy) ut I would like it to be in the yz-plane. Since there is no output I dont know how to manage the component. Thanks again

Just change the location input, L, to a plane in the location you want.

Thanks, it worked out!