Text Tag 3D with Font Type please?

For many graphic design projects this is a basic thing to have.
And I personally don’t like to install a plugin just for this elementary feature.

Could you please add ?

Or is it already there in GH2 and I don’t know. @DavidRutten


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FWIW one can script the underlying drawing method pretty straightforwardly. Here’s one recent example:

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Thanks @AndersDeleuran ! Indeed you are right.

Still, here’s my vision (for @DavidRutten ): Let’s say that you are a graphic designer used to work in Illustrator, Photoshop etc, and you want to transit to Rhino, because of the cool Grasshopper 2: Changing fonts would be one of the main feature that you would search for.

So why not have it out of the box, as a sell point for this kind of segment of the market?


But it quickly gets more complex than adding font choice to Text Tag 3D eh? I don’t think a location plane is good enough for graphic designers. They will want a path, a curve to follow and the ability to engrave (subtract) or emboss (push out) lettering on solids. Better use a plugin now instead of holding your breath and hoping for GH2.

A path to follow can be done aready. So is the engrave / emboss, just bake and extrude.

Hah! Not quite. Plugins can do it much better than that.

Besides, creating a series of oriented frames like that is “advanced knowledge” that graphic designers won’t necessarily have, nor should they be expected to, esp. for an inferior result.

And engrave / emboss or even loft can be more complex with letters that have multiple parts or holes.

@Joseph_Oster i am not sure if you understand my point.
Creating oriented frames, transforming them with taper, specifying different spacing, all work well with the current tools in Grasshopper. And can be learned. And it is possible to achieve results similar to plugins.

The only thing missing is Fonts to choose from - a main feature, and for that you need some programming which can scare away some people.

That’s not the only thing missing. Your oriented frames do not stretch and space characters properly as text along a path should do. Also, I forgot to mention the added difficulty of extruding and lofting characters on curved surfaces.

P.S. From two days ago:

Ok, You do have a point here: Besides selecting a specific Font an Output is indeed missing from the Text Tag 3D component.
But that’s a second, different thing.

I consider that selecting the Font is a Main issue.
For now, I would be happy to have this implemented.

P.S. Rhino also has some features that tradditional graphic design software doesn’t.

I’ve made more than one valid point.


Once you have output from the component you can do all the stuff that you usually do in grashopper with geometry.

Your method won’t produce characters like these. They are not planar and their spacing is different from bottom to top. There is more to this than “simple” GH manipulation.

I can use Map to Surface for this:

I fully agree, setting size, font and color on Grasshopper text types does seem like a pretty basic feature. The method/overloads in the script I posted wasn’t added till Rhino 5, maybe that explains why it wasn’t included when the text tags components were added to Grasshopper. But that’s all ancient history :older_man:

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So be happy! Pretty sure that graphic designers expect much more.

You know, some of those graphic designers do know python programming. But keep in mind: One thing is to know how to use python and another thing is to also know how to make use of the libraries of Rhino methods.

I will be happy w size, font and color on Gh Text Tags.

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Seems to me you have that now in Python, yet you don’t sound happy. :rofl:

Nope, not happy.
I think more from an entry-level-user point of view. Not from my own point of view.
I want to see Rhino more user friendly, not only for geeks like me. :sweat_smile: