Need help to rotate a box

Here should be an easy problem to solve!
How do I rotate my box (highlighted) around the point of A so that the point which line Z is connected to snaps to point B. I basically want upper corner of the box to snap to point A and the extension of the lower corner to snap to point B.
A beginner in Rhino is very happy to get help, thanks!

use the command orient. it will ask for 2 reference points and 2 target points. naturally you click your point A twice, once for reference and then again when it asks for target points to line it up with B. so click A then Z then A then B.

Plus what @encephalon says, you have Rotate3D and also you can relocate the gumball with an Alias to make a bit quick like “! _GumballRelocate osnap Enter” ( I always have the osnaps disabled, that’s why the last two words)
If you have more references, you have Orient3pt too