Geometric cube/spiral, how to?

I happened upon this… have no idea where it came from, but it’s fascinating and it’s been hurting my brain for several days.
Does anyone know how to make this happen in rhino? just lines will do.
I have rhino for mac
Thank you!

Grasshopper does the trick fairly easy.

161228 Cube scale and (11.3 KB)
161228 Cube scale and rotate.3dm (1.2 MB)

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An explanation in case you would like to do it manually in Rhino:

  • Make boxes inside boxes with equal distance between them - all centered to each other
  • Rotate each box in FRONT view around center point incrementally: Biggest box 0 degrees, smaller box 0.1 degrees, smaller box 0.2 degrees and so on.
  • Rotate each box in RIGHT view around center point incrementally like in previous step

Edit: doing the same rotation step in TOP view makes it more similar to the example image I think.

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Use Rotate3D instead and select opposite corners of each box (i.e. the “space-diagonal”) as the rotation axis endpoints.

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that’s awesome!
I did notice that once I added the arch (selected first corner of largest box, and first corner of smallest box, and then a first corner on one of the in-between boxes,) not all the points hit. However, now that an arch in the general direction has been established, I guess dividing that arch equally will end up with everything just fine? I’ll test it out:) Thank you for your help… my brain was melting… hehe