Rotation cylinder X and Y translation?

Hi. I am importing a model into Keyshot. There is a problem when I rotate in KS the objet seems to move also in X and Y while rotating. This is a cylinder therefore I believe It should not be giving any changes in the values of the X and Y while rotating on Z. Then I did the same in Rhino and I can notice also moves on X and Y. In KS forum told me about the ‘bounding box’ and the center pivot incongruence could be a problem. Do anyone experienced this ?

Is this coming from Rhino or KS ? What do you think ?



Rhino objects do not have an inherent “pivot” attached to them. The Gumball tool generally uses the object’s bounding box center by default (there certain exceptions depending on the object and the Gumball settings), but you can reset that anywhere. However, no matter how you set the Gumball pivot, while Rhino will remember its position between sessions (on single objects), it is not exported with the object as far as I know.

If you want to rotate an object in Rhino around a specific point, use the Rotate command.


maybe a VolumeCentroid helps.

it saves and exports the position, just tried it.

In what form is it exported? What file formats are supported?

it seems i have misunderstood, i did not try to export it to other formats, only collada which is pretty omni potent but it did not import the pivot there at least not in c4d.

edit: i cant sincerely answer your questions, since i did not go through all of them. for my bad reading i at least tried quite a few formats, nurbs or mesh, rhino does not pass this information further at all as it seems, also not an obj, or other files reimported straight back to rhino.

Yes, that’s what I assumed, the Gumball pivot location is an internal Rhino construct that does not get exported - I’m not sure which other file formats would actually support an object pivot location, but I assume there might be… It does seem to get saved with the object in Rhino though. I’m not sure exactly where the Gumball pivot for an object is stored in the Rhino file, I did not see it in RhinoCommon object attributes… Maybe not exposed to the “public” (or I looked in the wrong place).


Thanks Mitch. Even rotating the object…KS will not take it as it was rotated, but with the pivot reseted to 0…

As you can see in the attachment the tilted guide, rotated in rhino, will keep having a reset pivot.

Not sure I understand that, not a Keyshot user… If you rotate an object in Rhino and then export it, it will be exported in its rotated position - this with ALL file formats. If you import it into Keyshot, the object should have the same orientation as it does in Rhino. Is that not happening?


When I import it in KS the object is indeed rotated but the ‘arrows’ = pivot is not coherent with the rotation of the model.
I am trying to animate an element sliding through a tilted guide (the one you can appreciate in the attachment above). The problem is that even if my object is imported rotated the software consider this is the 0 position with a locator not coherent with this inclination.

Find attached the anomaly in the video .

Yes, that’s what I would expect. Rhino objects do not have an “orientation” built in, so I guess when Keyshots imports them, it assigns the “0” orientation to the object’s current position. I don’t know how to workaround that.

Sorry, can’t play video here, not on Mac.


Thanks anyways for your help. I am also posting in the KS forum…and still nobody answered. Its quite strange since KS is used a lot with Rhino and also animations…I can not understand how I can not animate something as simple as a tilted guide…I apologize, I am frustrated and this is not your problem hahaha Sorry and thanks for your help.


Hi @Bruno_Suraski, haven’t seen your post on the KeyShot forum yet, but I’ll answer here. The local axis should be respected. Have you imported to KeyShot via another format, directly or with the KeyShot plugin? I recommend using the KeyShot plugin as that will give you tighter integration. You can download it for free here.

Hope this helps!

Hi @KeyShot The luxion service assistance helped me. In any case, my post is on the KS forum, let me know if you are still interested. Regards!!!

please excuse me if this is not related to the OP, one thing I have noticed when importing my rhino models into key shot is that when I apply an ies spotlight the orientation is always wrong, the lights ending up pointing horizontal instead of vertical, and in a big model its tricky to rotate them, i did find a work around and that was to rotate my rhino model 90 degrees and then save it, and import to KS, :roll_eyes:

Yes. that happens to me too.

it’s kind of strange eh, not sure if it’s a keyshot or rhino issue ??