Need help to make this pattern on a doubly curved surface

Hello everyone,
I’m studying the national museum of Qatar as a case study for my tectonics assignment in school, and I am trying to figure out the roof pattern in grasshopper.
I’m wondering if anyone knows how to make this pattern and apply it on a doubly curved surface. (I have also attached the basic disk surface)

SPV Disk (12.3 KB)

Create it manually and use polar array (5 items)


Hey @seghierkhaled

Thank you so much.
I’m still wondering if there is any way to do this in grasshopper.

Kinda reminds of your Gilbert tessellation examples, @laurent_delrieu! What do you think?

For sure, I worked a bit on this sort of tesselations

maybe you can save some time by polar arraying the inner portion 5 times, and the external portion30 times, like this:

hey @inno
Thank you so much for reply, yeah i did that for now.

Hey @laurent_delrieu

Just want to say, this looks so cool!!!

Gilbert Tessellations are quite cool yes and surely not enough used. They change a bit from Voronoi.
For your problem, yes they can be applied to a surface just remove in C#
Curve curve = Curve.ProjectToPlane(curve3d, Plane.WorldXY);
And surely others things. The “difficulties” will be to make the curve on surface.
Whatever, I prefer here using a pattern flat. It will be easy to project it.
The only trick og this tessellation is to generate cracks. What I saw on Jean Nouvel building is crack with 2 directions.
Here a random crack generator (29.0 KB)


And here one with symetries

20190930_GilbertTesselation_with (29.7 KB)

Link to original post on Gilbert Tessellations


Hey @laurent_delrieu
Now i think this is amazing…thank you so much.
Will try to explore this more

Hey @diff-arch
Thanks for letting @laurent_delrieu know about this.