Create a 3D neuron pattern on double curve facade

Hi there,

My skills in grasshopper are fairly basic but I’m pushing myself to create a slightly complicated form of a neuron network pattern on a curvy facade. Please see the photo attached.

I want this kind of pattern to be on these two surfaces (attached photo+rhino file), not just as a flat pattern, but with some depth like how neurons connect spatially.

Srf.3dm (1.2 MB)

I’ve been trying things out with Voronoi 3D, but haven’t quite gotten there yet. I’d also like to add a point/curve attractor to it so that I can have parts that have more neurons and parts that have less.

The good people of Rhino+Grasshopper community, please help me out. Thank you!


if you want something like in the image; the definition available here


Thank you so much Seghier! It’s exactly what I was looking for. Any idea how I can let it flow along the curved surface I posted? Cheers!

Old one of mine from 2012:


yes you need first create plane surface than use surface morph ; with your model it take long time
and you must split your surfaces and choose one part from each surface; grasshopper will detect the full surface (29.8 KB)


This is amazing Seghier! I managed to try it with my surfaces. One thing though, why can’t I bake it?

You might be making an invalid mesh, check the mesh output.

i test your geometry and i bake it ; there is no problem

i think the problem is with the second one because it is polysurfaces, and as Michael said it will give you an invalid mesh

Ok I see. I clicked bake and then nothing was showing in rhino. Any idea why?

Thanks Michael. Could you please tell me where I can check mesh output? I’ve never done that before. Cheers.

the problem is with your second surface which don’t have the same height, i guess
i have no idea why morph don’t work

I opened your original definition again and grasshopper says there’s an unrecognised object in the file. It’s Mesh UnifyNormals. Could it be this that doesn’t allow me to bake? I have MeshEdit installed and I can preview the mesh.

ok what you need to do is: to recreate the second one with grasshopper
first you need to separate the ploysurfaces to 2 parts than extract the top and bottom curves; in grasshopper you will rebuild the curves and create new surfaces .
also you need to use Sporph instead of Surface morph (35.0 KB)

Thanks for this. But I tried again and it says invalid mesh at the end (Sporph output). Any suggestions I can fix this?

share your new rhino and gh files (36.0 KB)
Invalid Mesh.3dm (1.8 MB)

i tried my files and there is no problem with mesh but your file have a problem i don’t know why

Do you mind baking it for me and send it back? I really need this done but I can’t figure out how to fix the problem.

try with this, i use units = meters not as yours millimeters

n_2.3dm (985.3 KB) (37.1 KB)

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you can also ignore and bake it without problem