Need Help To close open polysurface

Hi There . I Hope you fine

i’m making a body for a personal project to print in 3D.
but i find A lot of troubles in my model, i dont even understand what is the main problem and where to fix it, when i open my model of this body in rhino and click it, it says “open polysurface” as i know when you going to print in 3D it needs to be “closed polysurface” and i tried almost 6 hours to find what´s wrong, i dont find anything to make this work, so i may ask someone here to help me please :frowning: 3D To Print.3dm (865.5 KB)

I’m using R5, and can open your file, so guess you’re using 5 too.
The display color makes it disappear when not selected.Rhino has a joinedge command which will ‘fix’ your naked edges. It’s not recommended for normal use, but solves problems like this. Happy printing.

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Here is file with closed polysurface
3D To Print.3dm (954.5 KB)

and video how to do it (one of more possible ways)

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thanks ! :slight_smile:

thank you alot! you save my life, i will learn from your video seriously, thanks man! :smile:

I am not wild about this method of repair- - better if you can get the existing surfaces to within tolerance - this is perfectly possible without major surgery or blood loss.


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