Open Polysurface no matter what I do

Hi guys, I’ve been trying my best surfing the forum to find a solution to this but I’m still a student and quite new to this and have not been able to close this polysurface for 3D print. When I throw the STL for slicing it looks nothing like the 3D model I made.

If you guys could help me that’ll be great!

WEBSHOOTERS v2.3dm (1.2 MB)

Hi Jake - I’ll see if I can get you pointed the right way - hang on a bit… as is, I’m not surprised you’re having trouble - you need to be way more careful in building.


Hey Pascal! Thanks for helping! Been only learning this software for about a week on and off. I’ve been using tools that I’m familiar with like Patch and Loft and Join to slowly mold my 3D model. Did manage to get all of them to be joined but can’t figure out why it’s still open if it’s joined :confused:

Hi Jake - use ShowEdges > Naked edges to display the unjoined edges - look carefully at those in a wireframe viewport and you’ll see where things are awry. I confess I’m having trouble understanding your intentions with the surfaces in this object- I’ll do my best… But I strongly - extra strongly - suggest looking at and understanding the material here:

as well as looking at stuff here:

Otherwise, you’ll be spinning your wheels…


Hey Pascal, I think I might know where I went wrong. I’ll try to fix it!

Hey Pascal, I added a bottom patch onto the layer with naked edges and it should technically be closed but it seems that it is still open. Do you want me to upload my latest file?

Hi Jake - the object you posted had naked edges all over the place:

and they are not even close:


It will take some serious surgery to rescue this - it is not clear to me even what you intend the design should be in some places… It looks al little to me like you are making it up as you go, which is fine to do but tough as a way to learn complex and let’s face it, demanding, software. I would, once again, go back and learn from the material I linked above, then try to make this thing - you’ll have a much better time of it and you’ll have a better chance of hitting your design idea. If you have questions as you go, ask, but I think as is, this model is not worth the effort to clean up…


Yeah I’m seeing the same thing. It looks exactly like what I need for 3D print from the shader viewport, and even after I did an extrudesrf on everything and throw it onto my slicer program it looked good but it wasn’t able to slice it properly because it wasn’t joined.

It’s strange because I have all my drawings in my drawings layer and they are all closed curves. All I did was loft them together. How should I approach this again to avoid naked edges like this?

The answer to that is too long for here - once again, you need to go look at the training material I linked and you’ll see how to do things a little better.

Setting up a rational, controllable set of surfaces for a complex object like this is not something you ‘just do’ - if you do as I suggest and learn a bit about how surfacing works and ho Rhino works, and you have a reasonably clear idea of what the design is, come back with questions and you’ll get plenty of help… but you really do need to get the basics in place.


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