How to close a polysurface to 3D print

I have a polysurface that appears to be open. It was originated by importing curves from illustrator and using them to cut through the surface. I want to offset surface to 3D print it and need a closed polysurface! I don’t know what else to do, am I going to have to start over completely?

Hi vivi- use ShowEdges > ‘Naked edges’ to see if an object is open and where. Post the object here and someone will take a look.


Sounds like you’re new to surface modeling.
Here’s a link to an old but good FAQ:

It might make sense to take a step back and cover some good general tutorials instead of charging into a project with no understanding of the process.
Here’s a link to the tutorials page. Have a look at some of the videos and have a run through the tutorials in the User’s Guide.

Good luck