Need help to close a poly surface into a solid

I am not new to Rhino, but I am new to Rhino 7 and working with sub-D. I only recently (a week or two ago) started a new project for a client and am on a tight deadline. I used Sub-D to create a couple of shapes for an enclosure, as soon as I trim it or boolean it the sub -d becomes a random network of surfaces. I managed to join these into an open polysurface and convert them to a solid by using offset surface., then cleaning it up and fill holes to create a solid. However, one of these shapes does not want to, there are holes somewhere. I don’t have time to start over and already patched the crap out of this one to try fix it. I tried all mesh repair tools and options but because it is a poly surface now I have to get this one right. Is there anyone that can help me, give me advice or even try and fix this one for me and send it back to me?

Here is the file with the stubborn part…
solid challenge.3dm (2.2 MB)

Hi Christoff, your approach is problematic. Some of the surfaces are very narrow which could be the result of inaccurate clicking. You seem to have created the offset with a few naked internal edges which led to I think three very thin slits between the large faces. While I don’t know your requirements, I’d probably start from scratch or use QuadRemesh to create a SubD of the outside of the object.

In case you are trying to rebuild a mesh / 3D scan there might be better ways to achieve this…

solid challenge.3dm (3.7 MB)

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Hey Martin.
All I can say is WOW! Not only did you give me a solution, byt you created a solid for me as well! I owe you a very big thank You!


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