Open SubD - Can't Close or Create Surface

I’m very new to SubD. Was playing around with initially SubD Lofting a curve I had created, but this then makes an Open SubD object that I can’t figure out how to close. I tried to fill the SuBD Hole and then Add Crease to make flat, but this does not work. The surface does not properly follow the curve.

Please post your Rhino file with the relevant geometry.

Here’s a simplified file with just the top lofted portion.SubD-Loft.3dm (65.7 KB)

You need to create a SubD with 52 edge segments that fits into your opening.

The use the bridge command to bridge the gap.

I have not done a particularly nice job aligning the inner SubD with the perimeter but I think you get the idea. To get a clean result you will have to move and scale the inner SubD so it has +/- equal edge lengths.

SubD-Loft.3dm (173.4 KB)

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try to bridge single segments and then hole smal parts oft it

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Thank you! I’ll try this out.

I understand that you are a beginner, so you need to learn the rules and methods of building a SubD, then there will be no such errors. There are many links to SubD tutorials here on the forum.

If you still want to leave a low-quality SubD model, there is a less time-consuming method, the _ExtractControlPolygon command the SubD model to transfer to Mesh, close it with a lid, and use QuadRemesh to convert it back to SubD.


That’s a very good solution. In this case much better than what I suggested.

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Thank you! Yes, I’m in the process of watching tutorials and playing around with it. These are some great commands I hadn’t come across yet, thank you!