Sub-D: Giving surfaces thickness

I did very little with sub-D yet, but I am planning to upgrade to Rhino 7 when it launches, however, a big challenge I have at work is to give thickness to parts, so I can properly check for interferences and 3D print the hull and other big parts (the small stuff is done in Solidworks so 3D printing is usually more straight foward)

My question are 2:

  1. Can polysurfaces be converted into sub-D in a easy to do way?

  2. If the polysurface is not closed, can the sub-D be easily be thickened (thicken, given thickness) in the normal direction?

Orca3D team already came out and said that no upgrade will be needed from Rhino 6 to 7, so that is a plus for upgrading, I am considering getting VisualARQ as well to do the interior design on the boats, + some other freelancer stuff I do.

If you explode a polysrf, untrimmed surfaces will convert well in most cases but trimmed surfaces won’t since the SubD will be created from the control point cage not the trimmed edge. The QuadRemesh command is also an option to convert a polysrf into a SubD but you may need a high number of faces to capture the detail.

Yes, you can use OffsetSubD and choose the Solid option. The offset occurs from the control point net or what you see in box mode (tab).

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Thanks for the in depth reply,

Your reply also kinda answered something that I think may help me with my surfaces, could the trouble I have adding thickness to boat hulls be caused by the presence of trimmed holes in the surfaces?

Just an example, the purple marked is a surface with a trimmed hole connected to the 4 yellow marked untrimmed surfaces.

So a better approach, both for offsetting thickness as well as converting to subD would be to have 4 untrimmed surfaces instead of 1 ?

Or a second approach would be to untrim the hole, convert to subD and subDivide it to create the other 4 surfaces.

Captura de tela 2020-11-11 110619

Ok, if what I said is correct, I am liking the way it would work to work with SubD

Would I have any difficulties getting the other way around? Working in SubD, adding thickness and then converting to NURBS?

Thank you again

SubD converts to Nurbs all day long…

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